Copy: Tests

This topic covers how to copy an existing test.

Copying a test will not create copies of the test's questions. Editing questions in a copied test will edit the original questions, unless individual copies of each question are made.

  1. Select Tests & Quizzes on your left sidebar.

  2. Select the My Test Library tab to locate the test you wish to copy.

  3. Hover over the gear icon to the right of the test that you would like to copy, and select Copy Test from the drop-down menu.

  4. On the Copy Test page, you will have the option to rename the test. The word “(copy)” will auto-fill at the end of the test name. You can remove any of the text and rename as needed.

  5. Click the green Create copy button to create your copied test.

  6. Your copied test will appear at the top of the list in your test library.