Submit Grades

This topic covers how to submit grades to your school administrator, who can then post the grades to WVEIS. 

Submit Grades to WVEIS is currently only available to schools and school districts in West Virginia.

  1. First, select the class for which you want to submit grades.

  2. Select Submit Grades on the left sidebar of your Gradebook.

  3. Click the drop-down menu next to Pull from to select the marking period for which you would like to view student grades. Once you select a marking period, each student’s average for the selected marking period will display in the MP Avg column.

  4. To the right of Post to, hover over the drop-down menu and select the WVEIS marking period to which your grades should be submitted.

    You will want these two marking periods to match. For example, if you are viewing the 1st 9 Weeks marking period in Engrade on the left, you will want to post those grades to the 1st 9 Weeks marking period in WVEIS on the right.

  5. To the right of Autofill with:, you can click either the Grade button to autofill each student’s letter grade or the % button to autofill each student’s percentage.

    If you want to make a change to the grade for a student that will be submitted to your school administrator, you may make that change directly in the Score box to the right of the student’s name.

    If a student has a 0% average in your class, the gradebook will autofill a 0. If you would like to submit a blank box, please click into the affected box and use the Delete button on your keyboard to remove the 0 before you save.

    Items like the letter E for excused or I for incomplete may not be accepted by WVEIS. Please check with your school’s administrator before attempting to submit something outside of the regular submission items.

  6. If comments are available for your school, you may click the space under the Comments column to the right of each student for whom you would like to leave comments. This will open a list of preset comments from which you can choose.

  7. To assign a comment to a student, click the checkbox to the left of the comment(s).

  8. If you need to modify a comment, click the Comments column to the right of a student's name to re-open the list of preset comments. Uncheck the comment you would like to change, and check the new comment.

  9. Carefully review each student’s score and comments. When you are ready to submit your grades to your school administrator, click the green Save button at the top right.

    This will NOT send scores directly to WVEIS, but will send scores to your school’s administrator for review. An administrator will post grades to WVEIS for the whole school at once.

  10. A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm you wish to submit your students' grades. Click OK to confirm and submit the grades to your school administrator.

  11. If you have made a mistake and want to start your submission over, you can delete all of your students’ scores and comments by clicking the trash can icon at the top right.

  12. If a student is no longer in your active class roster, you can view those students for the purpose of submitting their grades by clicking View Archived Students.

    The archived students list will contain any student who was ever listed in your class. You will likely see students for whom you do not need to submit grades.

    If you need to submit grades for an archived student, keep in mind that WVEIS will only accept grade submissions for the students who were on your roster for the marking period you select. For example, if a teacher attempts to submit grades for FIRST SEMESTER, WVEIS will only accept the grades submitted for students who were in the selected class at the conclusion of the first semester.