Create Multiple Folders

This topic covers how to create multiple folders within a course map.

  1. Select a class from your active class list.

  2. Select Course Maps from the left sidebar.


  3. Select a course under Class Course Maps.

    You will not be able to add folders to courses listed under School Course Maps. You may only edit course maps you have created.

  4. Select the Add Folders icon on the right sidebar menu. 

  5. On the following page, ensure that you complete the following information for your new folders:
    • Folder Name
    • Folder Tag

    Min. Grade Level, Max. Grade Level, and Subject are automatically set based on the settings for your class and are not editable.

  6. Scroll to the right to enter the following information for each new folder:
    • Start Date
    • # of Days
    • Skip Weekends?
    • Overview Template
    • Add a Lesson Plan?

  7. If you select the option to add a lesson plan, you can then select the option to create a new lesson plan, or use an existing lesson plan template.

  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and select the green Create Folders button to create your new folders.