Add Repository Items to Course Maps

This topic covers how to add items from the repository to a course map.

  1. Select a class from your active class list.

  2. Select Course Maps from the left sidebar.


  3. Select a course under Class Course Maps.

    You will not be able to add repository items to courses listed under School Course Maps. You may only edit course maps you have created.

  4. Select the folder to which you would like to add repository items. The folder will be outlined in blue once selected. Alternatively, to add the item(s) to the overall course, you can simply not select a folder on the page.

  5. Select the Add Repository Item icon from the right sidebar menu.

  6. Repository items will appear in the pop-up window based on the filters selected at the top of the window and/or keywords entered in the search bar at the bottom right.

  7. Select the check box to the left of each item that you would like to add to the selected course or folder.

  8. Click the green Add Materials button. You will now see the materials you just added listed among the existing course/folder content.