Copy All in GP

This topic covers how to copy all classes in one grading period into another grading period.

Before copying your classes to a new grading period, you must first create the destination grading period. For instructions on creating a grading period, please see this support article: Add New Grading Period

  1. Select Classes from the left sidebar.

  2. On the blue bar at top of the class list, hover over the gear icon at the far right, and select Copy All in GP from the drop-down to copy all classes in the current grading period to another grading period.

  3. When you select Copy All in GP, you will be directed to the Copy all Classes page. Select from the following options:

    • New School Year
    • New Grading Period
    • Copy Teacher(s)
    • Copy Student Roster
    • Hide all Assignments from Students

  4. Select the Submit button to copy the classes.