Edit Folders

This topic covers how to edit folders within course maps.

  1. Select a class from your active class list.

  2. Select Course Maps from the left sidebar.


  3. Select a course under Class Course Maps.

    You will not be able to edit folders for courses listed under School Course Maps. You may only edit course maps you have created.

  4. Hovering over a folder will display a hamburger menu to the left of the folder icon. This allows you to click and drag to reposition the folder within the Course Map.

  5. Hover over the gear icon to the right of the folder you wish to edit, and select one of the following options:
    • Copy Folder 
    • Edit Settings
    • Edit Overview
    • Add View Rules
    • Add Completion Rules


  6. Select Copy Folder to create a copy of the selected folder.

  7. Select Edit Settings from the drop-down menu to edit the selected folder’s general settings.
    • On the Edit Settings page, make any desired changes to the folder settings.
    • Select the green Edit Folder button to save your changes.


  8. Select Delete to permanently delete the selected folder.
  9. Select Add View Rules to add view rules for the selected folder.

    For more information on adding view rules, please see the support article: Add View Rules 

  10. Select Add Completion Rules to add completion rules for the selected folder.

    For more information on adding completion rules, please see the support article: Add Completion Rules

  11. To edit the teacher overview for the folder, select Teacher Overview under the name of the desired folder.

  12. To rearrange items within a folder, you will first want to select the folder icon next to the folder's name. This will expand a list of items within the folder.

  13. Hover over the item you wish to move, click and hold the icon to the left of the item's name, and drag the item to the desired position within the folder before releasing.
    • Release an item on top of an existing folder to nest it within that folder.
    • When dragging a folder, release on top of an existing folder to make it a subfolder.  Subfolders can be dragged and dropped in and out of other folders to more easily reorganize the course structure