Approve Lesson Plans

This topic covers how to review lesson plans that have been submitted by teachers for administrator approval.

  1. Hover over Apps on the top blue bar, and select Lesson Plans from the drop-down menu.


  2. Click the Review Submitted Plans button to review lesson plans submitted to you by teachers.

  3. On the Lesson Plan Review page, you can search for submitted lesson plans by date ranges and/or specific teachers.

    • You can change the date range by clicking in each date field and entering the desired dates.
    • You can also filter by an individual teacher at your school or all teachers at your school by selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down menu.

  4. Select the name of the lesson plan that you would like to review.

  5. Once you have reviewed the lesson plan, you have three status options for the submitted lesson plan:

    • Pending Review: This indicates that the lesson plan has not yet been reviewed by an administrator.
    • Revisions Requested: This indicates that the teacher needs to make modifications to the submitted lesson plan before approval.
    • Approved: This indicates that the lesson plan has been approved and the teacher will be able to assign it to his/her classes.

  6. If you set the lesson plan’s status to Revisions Requested, you may want to add a comment to the lesson plan which explains what type of revisions you would like to see.

  7. Click the number under the speech bubble column and enter your comment in the pop-up window.

  8. Click the green Submit button to send your comment to the teacher.

  9. Additionally, if the teacher has made any comments about the lesson plan or replied to your comments, you can view these by clicking the number under the speech bubble column.

  10. Once you have approved a teacher’s submitted lesson plan, you can choose to share the lesson plan with the school and/or your school district.

  11. Click the appropriate icon in the Actions column to the right of the selected lesson plan to share it with the school and/or your school district.