Upload Parent Information for Alerts

This topic covers how to upload parent contact information in bulk.

Parent Alerts are currently available to schools and school districts for an additional cost. If you are interested in using Parent Alerts, contact your school or district administrator to inquire if this feature may be available for your school.

  1. Select Students from the left sidebar.

  2. Hover over Add Students button, and select Upload Roster CSV from the drop-down menu.

  3. Select download a CSV template here to initiate a download of the student roster upload template.

  4. Once downloaded, you can add the parent information to the CSV file through a spreadsheet reader program on your computer.

  5. Add or update parent information in the Parent’s Cell Number and Parent’s Email columns for each student.

    Remove any special characters, such as commas, exclamation points, tildes or accent marks from the file before attempting to upload it.

  6. If you are using a Windows computer, save the file as a Comma Separated Values (.csv) file.

  7. If you are using a Mac computer, you will need to save your CSV file in a slightly different format. If you use the default Comma Separated Values (.csv) file format, you may be unable to upload your file.

    • Open the file in Excel, and select File and Save As.
    • Under Format, select Windows Comma Separated (.csv) from the drop-down and save your file.

  8. Once your CSV file is complete and saved to your computer, you can return to the Upload Roster CSV screen to upload the file.

  9. Click the Choose File button to find and select your file. Once the file is selected, its name will appear next to the button.

  10. Select the Upload CSV button to upload the file.

  11. Your roster has not successfully uploaded until you see a screen with all your student information displayed in a grid and a blue box at the top asking you to confirm you would like to upload these students. Please make sure that you have entered the correct information into the cells with the exact column headings provided in the CSV template.

  12. Select Yes, Add Students to complete the upload.

    As long as the student ID numbers in the CSV file remain consistent with the ID numbers in Engrade, information provided in the CSV file will update existing students rather than creating new students at your school.