View Scores and Percentiles

This topic describes how to view detailed test information on the Scores & Percentiles page.

  1. Select Reporting from the left sidebar.

  2. You can select parameters and assessments to compare.

  3. Once you have results, you can view detailed information for an assessment by clicking on the assessment’s name in the column heading.

  4. On the Scores & Percentiles page, you can view detailed test information for your selected test.
    • Test Information: This will show you how many students were tested and what the average score on the test was.
    • Assessment Brackets: This will show you a pie chart of how many students achieved mastery, partial mastery, below mastery or were not assessed.

  5. At the bottom of this page, you can view a list of all assessed students along with their score on the selected test and their class average.

  6. Select the Filter button to filter the student list by gender or ethnicity.

  7. You can select from the Aggregated by: drop-down menu whether you would like to aggregate assessment data by Student, Teacher or by Class.

  8. You can Print or Export this page by clicking the corresponding button.