ETML Formatting

Engrade allows you to add rich formatting to your assignment descriptions and messages with a few simple commands. Our formatting code called ETML (Engrade Text Markup Language) is similar to HTML, but we do not allow HTML for security reasons. To use the codes described below, simply integrate them with the text that you enter when you want to create an assignment description.

[b] this text will be bold [/b]
[i] this text will be italic [/i]
[u] this text will be underlined [/u]
[sup]superscript[/sup] will appear as superscript
[sub]subscript[/sub] will appear as subscript


This is a heading


[h2]This is a sub heading[/h2] (will show as a bar with text across the page)

[tt]This is a code sample[/tt]

[em] This is emphasized [/em]

[] will appear as

[ link text here] will appear as link text here

[webpage.php webpage] will link to a webpage on

{} will display an image you've uploaded in My Files.

{} will embed flashcards from

{} will embed a YouTube video.

{} will embed a Vimeo video.

(Note that images, flashcards, and videos will be shown as links over an HTTPS connection)