Out-Of Assignment Scoring

This topic covers how to create an assignment with Out-of Assignment Scoring. With Out-Of Scoring, teachers can enter in unique point values for each individual assignment, and Engrade automatically converts that score to the appropriate value based upon the entered Points Possible. This enables teachers who prefer to enter percentage grades, rather than point values, to have their percentages converted to the appropriate number of points.

  1. First, select the class for which you would like to add an assignment.

  2. Select Gradebook from the left sidebar, if it is not already selected.

  3. Select the New Assignment button at the top left of the Gradebook.

  4. Enter in the details for your new assignment.

    For more information on creating an assignment, please see the support article: Create Assignment

  5. Under Student Scores, enter a value in the field next to Out of (optional). This will be the value off of which your student's converted scores will be based. For example, if your student earned an 85% on an assignment, then you would enter "100" in the Out of field, and enter "85" as your student's score. Engrade would then assign a point value to the student that equates to 85% of your Points Possible value.

  6. Enter a score for each student in the field to the right of their name. These can be added at a later date, if desired. You will want to keep in mind your Out of value, rather than Points Possible, when assigning student scores.

  7. Click the green Save Assignment button to save your assignment.