Edit Honors GPA Scale

This topic covers how to create and edit an honors GPA scale.

GPA Scales is currently available to schools and school districts with the purchase of Engrade Report Cards. If you are interested in using GPA Scales, contact your school or district administrator to inquire if this feature may be available for your school.

  1. Select Settings from the left sidebar.

  2. Select the GPA Scale tab.

  3. If you have honors or other types of classes that should receive extra GPA points, check the box to the left of Add GPA points for Honors classes.

  4. To the right of Honors Type, select Add New from the drop-down menu.

  5. Enter the name of your Honors Type, such as “Honors” or “AP.”

    Note: Enter alphanumeric symbols ONLY.

  6. Enter the additional GPA point value that you would like added to classes that are marked as this type of honors. For example, if an “A” at your school is a 4.0, but you want an “A” in an honors class to be a 4.5, you will enter “.5” in the point value box.

  7. Click the green Save Settings button to save your honors settings.

  8. In order for the honors GPA to calculate properly, you will need to make sure your honors classes have been marked as Honors in the class settings. For instructions on how to designate classes as Honors classes, please see the support article: Update Class Settings Grid: Honors