Add Students from No Grading Period

This topic covers how to add students that exist at the school but are not assigned to a grading period.

If you need to add students from another grading period to your current grading period, please see the support article: Add Students from Another Grading Period 

  1. Select Students from the left sidebar.

  2. Hover over the Add Students button, and select Add Students from No GP. Students in this folder are not currently assigned to any grading period at your school.

    Students can end up in this scenario when a grading period has been deleted from the school (typically in error), or if they are dropped from the only GP in which they are enrolled. 

  3. Click the checkbox to the left of each student that you would like to add to the selected grading period.

    The message “There are no students to add” means all students at your school have been assigned to a grading period.

  4. You may also click Select All to select all of the students in the list.

  5. Click the green Add Students button to add the students to the selected grading period.