Print or Export Parent Flyers

This topic covers how to print or export parent login credentials for distribution.

  1. Select Students from the left sidebar.

  2. Hover over the Options button, and select Print/Export Parent Flyers to print or export parent flyers.

  3. In your browser, a new window or page will open with your student names, ID numbers, access codes, parent usernames, (non-custom) passwords, password expiration date/time (if applicable), last login date/time, associated email address, home address.

    If a parent has changed his/her password from the default Engrade generated password, you will not be able to view the customized password.

  4. You can adjust the order of parents on this page based on your custom fields. From the top right side of the page, choose an item from the Group by: drop-down menu.

  5. Select the Export link to download the page in CSV format.

  6. Select the Print link to print the page.

Use the attached Parent Login OnePager document to send out to parents as needed.