Print: Tests

This topic covers how to print tests for students to take on paper.

  1. You must first select the class that has the test you wish to print.

  2. You can then select Tests & Quizzes on the left sidebar.

  3. Select the My Test Library tab.

  4. Hover over the gear icon to the right of the test that you would like to print and select Print Test from the drop-down menu.

  5. Select the desired printing settings for your test:
    • Font Size: Select a font size for your test.
    • Font Style: Select a font style for your test.
    • Columns: Select the number of columns you wish to print per page.
    • Questions per page: Select the number of questions you wish to print per page.
    • Write-on lines: Choose to display lines for students to write on for short answer or essay questions.

      If your test questions were created or copied with font size and styling already in use, the size and/or style you select may not appear when printing tests.

  6. Select the green Print button to print the test.

  7. Your test will open in a new window or tab for you to print. You can use the Print function on your web browser to print your test.

  8. To print a test that has already been assigned, select the Assigned Tests tab.

    Printing assigned tests will print test copies that are already populated with student names, ID numbers, and that day’s date.

  9. Select the test you would like to print.

  10. Hover over the Print button in the top right corner, and select Print Tests from the drop-down menu.

  11. In the pop-up window, select your preferred sorting method, font size, font style, number of columns, number of questions per page, and the option to include write-on lines.

  12. Generate the paper tests by selecting the green Print button.

  13. The printable tests will open in a new browser window or tab. You can use the Print function on your web browser to print the tests.