Create: Cloze Question

This topic describes how to create a Cloze question. Cloze questions allow you to ask your students a question and have them select the correct response for each blank.

  1. Select Tests & Quizzes from the left sidebar.

  2. Select the My Test Library tab.

  3. Select the test to which you would like to add a question.


  4. Hover over the Add New button, and select Question from the drop-down.

  5. On the Add Question page, select Cloze from the Question type drop-down.


  6. Complete the question information:
    • Question Text: Enter your question here. Use two underscores (__) to indicate where you would like a blank to appear for students.
    • Answer Choices: Enter the correct answer on the first row of each box (next to the green check mark) for the blanks you have provided in your question. Hit the Enter/Return key to enter other possible answers on the rows below.
    • Passage: Select +add passage to add a passage to your question, if desired.
    • Scoring Type: Select a scoring type from the drop-down menu.
      For more information on the available scoring options, please see the support article: Edit: Question Scoring Options
    • Points: Enter the number of points the question is worth in the box.

  7. You can also choose to add tags to your questions for easier searching in the test library and question bank. Select Show tagging options to add tags to your question.

    For more information on question tags, please see this support article: Edit: Question Tags

  8. Select the grey Preview Question button to gain a view of the question from a student’s perspective.

  9. Select the green Save Question button to save your question.

  10. Or, select the green Save & Create New to save your question to the test, and immediately begin creating a new question.