Add View Rules

This topic covers how to create view rules for items within a folder, which dictate if and when items will be available for students and parents to access.

  1. Select a class from your active class list.

  2. Select Course Maps on the left sidebar.


  3. Select a course under Class Course Maps.

    You will not be able to add view rules for courses listed under School Course Maps. You may only edit course maps you have created.

  4. Locate the folder for which you would like to create rules. Hover over the gear icon to the right of the folder's name, and select Add View Rules from the drop-down menu.

  5. In the pop-up window, you can use the Filter: drop-down menu to filter the items within the folder by item type.

  6. Select a view rule from the drop-down menu to the right of each item. There are 5 view rules from which you can choose:
    • Visible: The item will be visible to students and parents. This is the default view rule for each item. 
    • Hidden: The item will be hidden from students and parents.
    • Visible on date: The item will be visible on the date which you select.
    • Visible between dates: The item will be visible within the date range you specify.
    • Visible in sequence: Students must work through these items in a particular sequence. As items are completed, new items will become visible. The sequence in which items become available is determined by the order of items within the folder, from top to bottom.

    If you select Visible in Sequence as the view rule for any item(s), you will need to set a corresponding completion rule for each of those items. This is so that Engrade is able to register an item as completed, and make the next item visible to the student.

    For instructions on creating completion rules, please see the support article: Add Completion Rules

  7. If you wish to set the same view rule for every item in the folder, you can select the desired rule from the Set Bulk Rule: drop-down menu.

  8. Once you finished setting up your rules, click the green Set Rules button to save your changes.