Add Additional Students


This topic covers how to add additional students to a parent account. 

You will need to obtain your parent access code from a teacher or administrator at your student's school in order to add a student to your parent account. Only your student's school can provide you with your access code. 

You can add additional students that attend different schools as well. As long as you obtain the access code for each student from each respective school, you can add them to your parent account.

    1. Select Access Codes from your left sidebar.


    2. In the empty field next to Access Codes, enter the parent access code provided by your student's school.


    3. Click the green Add button once you have finished entering the access code.

    4. You should now see the student's name and school listed on the page.


If you receive an error message when trying to add an access code, you will want to ensure that you entered the code exactly as it was provided to you. If you continue to receive an error, you can contact your student's school to verify you have been provided with a valid code.

For instructions on how to toggle in between students, please see the support article: Toggle Between Students