Submit Turn-Ins

This topic covers how to submit a turn-in assignment.

  1. First, select the class for which you would like to submit a turn-in.

  2. Select Turn-ins on the left sidebar.

  3. Select the name of the turn-in you wish to submit.

    If the status of the turn-in is Closed, or your teacher has already assigned a score to a turn-in, you will not be able to submit the assignment.

  4. To submit a file with your turn-in, select the File icon.


  5. Click the Choose Files button to select a file from your computer to upload, or you can select an existing file from the drop-down menu.

  6. To submit a link with your turn-in, select the Link icon.


  7. Enter the link's text into the empty field.

  8. To add multiple links, click the + icon. An additional field will display in which you can enter another link.
  9. To add text, images, or videos to your turn-in, select the Text/Multimedia Entry icon.


  10. You can enter text directly into the text editor, and use the options available on the formatting bar to format the text.

  11. To insert an image, select the Insert/edit image icon from the formatting menu.


  12. To insert a video, select the Insert/edit video icon from the formatting menu.

  13. To preview how your entry will appear for your teacher, select the Preview icon. 


  14. To add an audio recording, select the Audio Icon.   


  15. To record audio, click on the Click here to record button. 


  16. Once you are done recording your audio, click on the Recording. Click to stop button. 

  17. To playback your audio, click on the play button.  When you are finished, click on the green Continue button to proceed.


  18. If you are ready to submit your turn-in after recording your audio, click on the green Submit Turn-in button.

    You can add up to 10 items total with your submission.


  19. Under Turn-In Discussion, you can leave a comment for your teacher, if desired.


  20. Click the green Submit Turn-in button to submit your turn-in.