Record Student Behavior

This topic covers how to assign student behavior marks through Seating+ Beta.

Behavior recorded through Seating+ Beta will transfer over to the Behavior Plus app, and vice versa.

  1. Select Seating+ Beta on the left sidebar.

  2. At the top left, today's date will be selected by default. If you wish to record behavior for a different date, you can use the backward and forward arrows to navigate to the desired date. Alternatively, you can click on the date displayed to open a calendar widget, which you can use to select a date.

  3. Select the 0 icon under a student's desk to access the behavior menu.

  4. Select the mark you wish to assign to the student. Marks will automatically save as they are assigned.

  5. Select View Details from the drop-down menu to access the Behavior Plus page for the selected date.

  6. Once you are finished assigning behavior marks, each student's behavior points total will display on their desk.