Add Grade Comments

This topic covers how to add grade comments for Gradebook scores.

Grade comments can be a maximum of 75 characters in length. For longer comments, teachers should use the Comments page.

  1. Select Gradebook from the left sidebar, if it is not already selected.

  2. Locate the score for which you would like to enter a comment, and place your cursor directly behind the score.

  3. Once your cursor is flashing, enter a space and begin typing your grade comment.

  4. Once you have finished typing your comment, press Enter or Return on your keyboard.

  5. All scores that have had comments entered for them will have a gray triangle indicator displaying at the top right of the grade cell.

  6. To view the comments that have been entered, select a student's name from the Gradebook.

  7. On their Scores page, all comments will display under the Comment column. You can also enter and/or edit comments directly from this page. All comments will save as they are typed.