Edit Class Display Name

If your district utilizes a sync between your SIS and Engrade, you may wish to set a display name for each of your classes. This topic covers how to create or edit a class' display name.

  1. Select Settings from the left sidebar.

  2. In the field next to Display Name, you can enter a name for your class. This name will display in your teacher account, as well as for student and parent accounts.

    You can view the original class name in the Class Name field.

  3. Click the green Submit button to save your display name.

  4. Once saved, the display name will replace the SIS code that previously displayed in teacher, student and parent accounts.

  5. If you ever wish to remove your class display name and revert back to the original class name, you can simply remove the name from the Display Name field, and click the green Submit button to save your changes.