Create Seating Chart

This topic covers how to create a seating chart.

  1. Select Seating+ Beta on the left sidebar.

  2. Each student's name will be listed under a desk icon. You can click and drag the desks to arrange them in the desired configuration. 

  3. If a student's name is not listed on the chart, select Roster at the top right, and select a student's name from the drop-down menu. Their desk will then appear on the chart.

  4. To add an item to your seating chart, select Items at the top right, and select an item from the drop-down menu. You can also click and drag items to move them around, as necessary. 

  5. Hover over the Configurations menu, and then select the desired configuration for your class.
    • Under Configurations, select one of your previously saved seating configurations.
    • Under Feature, select one of the options to sort students in the chart. You can select Randomize to sort students in a random order, or you can select Alphabetize (First Name or Last Name) to sort them alphabetically. 
    • Under Apply Templates, you can select the number of columns and/or rows you would like your seating chart to have.

  6. Select Highlight to select a color-coding scheme for your seating chart.
    • Select Gender to color code desks by gender.
    • Select Grade to color code students' desks by the grade they have in the class.
    • Under Groups, you can select any of your student groups to highlight the desks of students within that group.

      You must first create student groups in order for them to display in this menu. For instructions on creating student groups, please see this support article: Create Student Groups 

  7. To print your seating chart, select the  icon.

  8. To view your seating chart in full screen mode, select the  icon.
  9. Once you have finished customizing your seating chart, select the Save icon to save your changes.
    • Select Save to save changes to an existing seating chart.
    • Select Save As to save a new seating chart.
    • Select Manage Configurations to edit your existing seating charts in bulk.