Print: Multi-Class Reports

This topic covers how to print multi-class reports.

  1. Select Reports from the left sidebar.

  2. Under Multi-Class Reports, you will see several options from which you can choose.

  3. Select Basic Report to print a basic multi-class report for each student.

  4. Select Detailed Report to print a detailed multi-class report for each student.

  5. Select Missing Assignments Report to print a multi-class missing assignment report for each student.

  6. Select Print Standards to print a multi-class standards report for each student.
  7. You can access the reports you've generated at the bottom of the page. Select the name of the report to open or download it.

  8. To delete a report from the list, select Delete to the right of the report you wish to delete. Alternatively, to delete multiple reports, check the box to the left of each report you wish to delete, and then select Delete Selected Reports.