View: Item Analysis

This topic covers how to score test questions in bulk on the Item Analysis tab.

  1. Select Tests & Quizzes on your left sidebar, and then select a test from your Assigned Tests page. 

  2. Select the Item Analysis tab to view all student tests across the district, or click on a specific school and then navigate to the Item Analysis tab to see a more limited set of student tests.

  3. On the Item Analysis screen:

    • Students’ names will be listed vertically down the leftside column, and each question in the test will be listed horizontally across the top. Each student’s overall score and individual question response will be displayed and color-coded.
    • For each student who took the test, you can view their total number of questions marked correct, as well as their percentage correct in the first two columns titled Total and Percent.
    • The next columns will list each question, and each student’s response will be indicated correct or incorrect, with color coding and earned points/total points displayed.
    • The gray column headers will also list the class’s average score on the test, as well as the overall average on each question.

  4. Click directly on a question number (Q1, Q2, Q3…) to view the full-length question, student selected answer, correct answer and point value for each student.

  5. Review and edit points awarded to students as needed, using the buttons at the top left/right for navigation between questions.TeacherNEWQuestionScoresheet.png

  6. Select the Close button to navigate back to the Item Analysis grid.

  7. Hover over the Sort Questions button to re-sort this grid view in one of two ways:

    • Sequentially will list each question in chronological order (i.e column 1 displays Q1 responses, column 2 displays Q2 responses, etc.)
    • By Performance will re-sort questions to list the question most students answered incorrectly in the first column, up to the question that most students answered correctly in the last column.

  8. Click directly on a student’s name to view their individual scoresheet.

  9. In a pop-up window, review the question text and the student’s response. Then, type in the amount of points you would like to award the student for this question.TeacherNewScoresheet.png

  10. Utilize the navigation button(s) near the top left/right of the pop-up window to navigate to other students who still need a manual score.

  11. Select the Close Scoresheet button to navigate back to the Item Analysis grid.

  12. Utilize the Print and Export buttons at the top right to print or export the item analysis.

  13. Select the Back to Assigned Tests button to navigate back to your Assigned Tests view.