View: Progress & Scores

This topic covers how to view the Progress and Scores tab for a test.

  1. Select Tests & Quizzes on the left sidebar.

  2. Select the name of the test on the Assigned Tests page.

  3. To view progress by school, select the name of a school from the Progress by School tab. Otherwise, to view progress throughout the entire district, select the Progress & Scores tab.


  4. On the Progress & Scores tab, you can view students’ results on the selected test. For each student who took the test, view their overall score, the time the test was started, the duration of time spent on the test, and the number of questions the student completed.


  5. If manual scoring is required on some of the test questions, an exclamation point icon will appear in the top right corner of the student’s name column.

  6. To view the student’s test and enter in any required manual grades, click directly on the student’s name, or select Scoresheet under the Options column.

  7. On the Scoresheet you will be able to view the student’s response to each question, as well as the number of points they received. Questions that have not been automatically graded by Engrade will have a question mark appear in the score box. Click in the score box and enter your student’s score. Engrade will automatically save and re-calculate your student’s grade on the test.


  8. Navigate to other students' scoresheets by utilizing the arrow buttons to the top or bottom right of the scoresheet screen. Or, hover over the current student's name to expand a dropdown list of all students. Click on another student's name to jump directly to their scoresheet. 


  9. To exit out of the scoresheet screen, select the Close button.

  10. If you have a student that needs to retake a test, you can allow them to do so by clearing out their current scores.

    Note: A test must be Open in order for a student to retake it in his/her student account.

  11. Select Clear to the right of the student’s name to clear their scores. You will be prompted to confirm that you would like to permanently delete the student’s score on the selected test via a pop-up window. Select OK to confirm.

    Note: Clearing students’ scores is a permanent action and cannot be undone.

  12. Hover over the Options button to view the following:
    • View Test: This will allow you to view your test’s answer key.
    • View Test Settings: This will allow you to view the test’s settings.
    • Export Test Metadata: This will allow you to download the test settings.
    • Export Item Metadata: This will allow you to download metadata about each question within the test. 


  13. Click directly on the Open Test or Close Test button to update the schedule of the test.


    Note: Students are not able to access a closed test. The test must be open in order for students to take the test.

  14. Hover over the Print button for the following option:
    • Select Print Tests to generate a printable set of tests in a new window or tab.
    • Select Print Answer Key to generate a printable answer key in a new tab that indicates the correct answer for each question. 
    • Select Print Test Summary to generate an overall recap of each student’s scores.

  15. Select the Back to Tests button to navigate back to your Assigned Tests tab.