View WVEIS Grade Logs

Engrade can be configured to send midterm, term and final grades to WVEIS at the end of each marking period. This topic describes how to view WVEIS grade logs. These logs contain information about recent term grade submissions.

    1. Select WVEIS Logs from the left sidebar.

    2. Select the Grade Logs tab.

    3. Select the title of the audit file to view the report. The title of each audit file contains GRD for Grades, the district code, school code, and date/time (PST). The file lists the teacher names, course numbers, section numbers, student names, IDs, class periods, grades, and selected term (marking period). At the end of the report, totals for number of grades and comments are displayed. Additionally, the report shows the number of teachers, students and classes included in the specific submission.

    4. Select GRD to the right of an grade log to view the report that is sent to WVEIS. This report shows all data sent, including date and time of post, course names and numbers, teacher and student names, and grades sent.

    5. If errors regarding sent grades are reported by WVEIS, they will display in the error file. Select the number listed in the last column on the Grade Logs tab, under the Error (triangle) symbol. This report contains the date/time, teacher names, course numbers, section numbers, student names, IDs, class periods and corresponding error descriptions.

      If any errors exist, they must be resolved within WVEIS. Errors cannot be corrected within Engrade

      WVEIS is configured to only accept certain marks (letter or number) for grades. If the wrong type of mark is submitted, WVEIS will generate an error on the Error Log. Marks must be updated by the teacher and resubmitted, and then re-posted by the administrator. Generally, WVEIS is configured to accept letters A, B, C, D, F, or numbers 0-100. Marks such as "I" or "101" will cause WVEIS to generate an error on the Error Log.