Share: Passages

This topic covers how to edit an existing passage.

  1. Select Tests & Quizzes on the left sidebar.


  2. Select the My Test Library tab.

  3. Hover over the Item Banks button, and select Passage Bank from the drop-down menu.


  4. Locate the passage you would like to Share and click the Share link.  

  5. In the Share passage pop-up window, you can type the name of individual users in the Share with People field.

  6. After selecting which users to share the passage with, click to select the level of access you would like to grant those users.

    • View - Users may only view the item
    • Edit - Users may edit the item
    • Manage - Users may edit, delete, and share the item

  7. Check the box if you would like the user to be notified of the passage you shared.

  8. Click the green Share button to share the passage.

  9. The people with access will be displayed on the right side of the share window along with their level of access.  Click the X next to their name to remove access.

  10. Click on the Groups tab in the share window for the ability to share with other District Admins, or with School Admins and Teachers at any particular schools.