New Features in Tests & Quizzes

New features and enhancements have been added to the Tests & Quizzes application. Enhancements include an enhanced test-taking experience for students, an enhanced student scoresheet, and a new responsive design that allows students to take test on mobile devices. 

These updates may not be immediately available for your district. Please contact your district administrator if you are interested in utilizing any of these features.

  • Mobile testing improvements: New responsive design allows students to successfully complete assessments on tablets and other mobile devices.

  • Question navigation: The improved question navigation menu allows students to navigate to other questions by utilizing a drop-down menu at the top of their screen. They also have the option to move forward or backward one question using backward and forward arrows.

  • Updated test submission screen: The test submission page has been updated to alert students of unanswered and bookmarked questions before they submit their test for scoring.

  • Scoresheet enhancements: The scoresheet now allows instructors to provide feedback to students on individual questions. The ability to "pin" questions to the top of the scoresheet for quicker and easier grading has also been added.


  • Multi-part questions: Users now have the ability to create multi-part worksheet questions. Worksheet questions allow the creation and delivery of multiple questions at once on the same page of an assessment. Please see this support article: Create: Worksheet Question


  • Improved accessibility: Drag and drop (Matching, Bucketing, Image Labels, and Ordering) questions can now be answered by utilizing keyboard shortcuts.
    • Use the Tab key to navigate to the item you wish to drag and drop.
    • Next, use the Space key to select the item.
    • Again, use the Tab key to navigate to the space where you wish to drop the item.
    • Finally, use the Enter key to drop the item into the highlighted area.