Test-Taking UI: Take Tests

This topic covers how to take a test as a student.

  1. Select the class that contains the test you wish to take.

  2. Select Tests & Quizzes from the left sidebar.

  3. Select take now! next to the test you wish to take.

  4. Click the green Start Test or Start Section button to start the test.

  5. You can navigate forward through the test using the green Save and Continue button on the test-taking screen.

    You should not use the forward and backward arrow buttons on your web browser to navigate through a test.

  6. Alternatively, you can use the drop-down menu at the top left to navigate directly to a specific question. You can also use the forward and backward arrow buttons to navigate forward and backward one question, respectively.

    These options may not be available, depending on the test settings selected by your teacher or school.

  7. Once you have completed all questions, click the green Finish and Turn In button to submit your test.

    Once you submit your test, you will not be able to make any changes to your answers.