Launch: Assessment

This topic describes how to launch an assessment as a District Administrator.

  1. Select Tests & Quizzes from the left sidebar.
  2. Select the My Test Library tab to locate the test you want to launch.

  3. Click the Filters button to open a drop-down window with advanced filtering options:

    • Title Keyword: Enter a keyword or keywords separated by commas in the box.
    • Subject: Select the desired subject area.
    • Grade Levels: Check the boxes next to the appropriate grade levels, or use the Select All/Deselect All.
    • Additional Options: Check the boxes next to English Language Learners or Gifted Students to filter tests tagged with those designations or check the box for Only My Tests to view only tests you have created.
    • Click the green Filter Tests button to filter tests in your library by your selected criteria.
  4. Select the test you wish to launch.

  5. When you have confirmed that your test is finalized, you can click the Launch Assessment button to assign it to your school.

  6. Select the desired scheduling option:

    • Let school admins schedule for their own schools: This will allow the school admins to handle the scheduling of the test.
    • Let teachers schedule for their own classes: With this option, the teacher of the class will be able to schedule the desired date and time range for the test.
    • Open and close manually: With this option, the teacher will need to manually open and close the test.
    • Schedule dates: With this option, the test will only be available to take during the date and time ranges you set.

  7. Select which schools in your district will have access.
  8. Select the classes at the schools that will have access to the test:

    • All classes with this test’s subject and grade level: With this option, classes that have a grade level and subject area which match the selection you have made in the test options will have access to the test.
    • Let schools delegate: With this option, the schools can further delegate which classes to assign this to.
  9. Select the access that teachers at your school will have to the test:

    • View questions and score answers: With this option, teachers will have the ability to view and score their students’ submitted tests.
    • View only: With this option, teachers will be able to view their students’ results on submitted tests but will not be able to edit those scores.
    • Neither view nor score: With this option, teachers will not be able to view their students’ results on submitted tests, or edit those scores.
  10. Click the green Launch Test button to assign the test to your school. The assessment will appear on the Assigned Tests tab of the classes to which you assigned the test.

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