Manage Self-Service LTI Integrations

You can manage your district's LTI tools on the district Settings page. This topic covers how to enable and disable access to LTI tools.

  1. Select Settings from your left sidebar.

  2. Select the LTI Tools tab.

    If you do not see the LTI Tools tab, please contact your Engrade Account Manager.

  3. To turn on any of the globally preconfigured LTI tools, select the sharing icon () on the far right.

  4. Once selected, you will be prompted to specify which user types should have access to the selected tool. Available access levels or user types depends on your tool provider. The range of available user types in Engrade include:
    • District Tool (District Admins)
    • School Tool (School Admins)
    • Class Tool (Teachers)
    • Student Tool (Students)
    • Parent Tool (Parents)

  5. Once you have made your selection(s), please read the Third Party App Installation Warning, and select the checkbox to confirm that Engrade is authorized to release user data to the third party app provider.

  6. Select Accept to enable access to the selected tool.

  7. Refresh your page, and you should now see Turned On under the Status column for the enabled tool. Additionally, you should also see the app available on the left sidebar menu at the selected district, school, or class level. 

  8. If you instead wish to disable access to a particular LTI tool, select the sharing icon, and deselect the check box next to each enabled user role for which you would like to disable access.

  9. Select the Accept button to save your changes.