What Is LTI?

What is LTI?

LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) is a method for rich learning applications to connect to one another. This specification, created by IMS Global, allows platforms like Engrade (tool consumer) to connect with 3rd party platforms or applications (tool providers) for single sign-on purposes. With the use of LTI, you can connect easily, safely, and securely from Engrade to other systems, without the hassle of custom integrations. For additional information on LTI, please visit the IMS global website. For additional information on Engrade Pro's LTI compliance please see Engrade Pro Compliance.

Why use LTI?

LTI eliminates the need to manage multiple sets of login credentials for separate websites. Users can access all of the resources they need from a central access point (Engrade). With Engrade self-serve LTI, we take away the need for custom work and provide a method of integration to the end user on demand.

Before We Begin

Prior to integrating tool providers with Engrade, we need to make sure of a few things so that the integration is as seamless as possible.
Are these tool providers LTI compatible? The best way to ensure that these tool providers are LTI compliant is by visiting imscert.org or by contacting your tool (3rd party application) provider. Engrade supports LTI v1.0. Other versions are not supported at this time.
Obtain your credentials and launch URL. The tool provider must supply a launch URL (the LTI link to connect to their system) and a username and password called a shared key and secret.
Are there any custom parameters required and, if so, what are they? The above information should be provided by the tool (3rd party application) provider you are using.