Add New LTI Tools

If your district, school or class uses tools that are not available globally, you can add new tools that you would like make available to users.  This topic covers how to add new LTI tools. 

  1. Select Settings from the left sidebar.

  2. Select the LTI Tools tab.

  3. Click the New LTI Tool button.

  4. In the pop-up window, provide the following information for your LTI tool:
    • Name
    • Icon
    • Endpoint
    • Consumer Key
    • Shared Secret
    • Custom Fields
    • Available Access Levels

  5. Select the green Add LTI Tool button.

  6. Once the new tool is added, you will automatically go to the next dialog box to turn on the new tool.

  7. Next to Tools to Switch On, select each level of access you wish to enable.

  8. Click the Accept button to enable the tool for the selected user type(s).

  9. You should now see the app available on the left-hand menu at the selected district, school, or class level.