Export All Class Gradebooks (CSV)

This topic covers how to export all class Gradebooks as a ZIP file containing CSV (Comma Separated Values) files for all Gradebooks in the selected grading period.

    1. Select Reports from the left sidebar.

    2. Click the Export All Class Gradebooks (CSV) button.

    3. In the pop-up window, select the grading period that you would like to appear on the export from the drop-down menu next to Grading Period.

    4. Click the green Export Class Gradebooks button to initiate the generation of your ZIP file.

      Depending on the amount of data in the selected grading period, the generation of the ZIP file could take several minutes. Once the ZIP file has been generated, you can download the file to your computer.

    5. You can download the ZIP file at the bottom of the Print Reports page by clicking on the title of the file.

    6. Upon opening the ZIP file, you will see a CSV file for each class at your school in the selected grading period. Each CSV file will be named: Teacher_Name-Class_Name-gradebook-date_of_export.

    7. After opening a CSV file, you will see the class student roster and all points earned for each assignment in the class Gradebook at the time of the export for the selected grading period.

      This file is the same file a teacher can generate at the class level by selecting Export Gradebook.